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The first in Lithuania legally operating private detectives!

While we are silent, our work will do the talking.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca



In this chapter are placed frequently asked questions in this Web site and our answers to them. You can find a lot of answers yourself in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the private detective activity which came into force on 2016 01 01.

Experienced, active, honest former officers of detective force and related to it organizations can call the pointed in our Web site telephone numbers, and our office director Olegas Rimanas will readily answer.

It depends on the place, time, and circumstances of disappearance, on work amount, on necessity to go outwards Vilnius for the search. The minimal price for this service in Vilnius is about 400 EUR.

Verification of such information is possible, but the methods can be different. The price of this service can be estimated only after complete evaluation of your information. The minimal price of this service in Vilnius is 300 EUR. No television talk should be included at all, as confidentiality is one of our work concepts.

It is possible, and not only in Kaunas. But before that you should briefly state your problem on the phone to our cooperating private detectives, since not all of them can be solved. You also will be able to defray the trip costs.

It is possible to get private detective services abroad – some services we provide ourselves or with the help of our cooperating private detectives and some require cooperation with our close partners located all over the world.

The “spying” method you have mentioned is not the best, as it is possible to violate other person’s privacy. Moreover, we do not discuss such questions by e-mail. If you want to discuss the problem, you can call us to appoint our first meeting in our office, which is free. During the meeting our cooperating private detectives will discuss all the details involved in the job and the price of the job.

There is such possibility. The cost will depend on the parameters of premises and required technical solutions needed to ensure the safety and confidentiality of information.

We would suggest you to call us to answer some extra questions, on which depends the cost of this service or to use our Calculator which will estimate the price according to your measurements. Private detectives will surely help you.

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