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The first in Lithuania legally operating private detectives!

Everybody always knows something,.even if it's something they don't know they know.
Agatha Christie


Private Services

Here you can find information about the services which are most usually provided by detectives themselves or with the help of cooperating detectives, but this is not the final list. Your situation or case is unique, so the nature of services and it‘s price can be calculated only after some careful examination of the situation. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you wonder about the price of a particular service. Our specialists or private detectives will assess the optimal amount of the expenditure needed to ensure your personal safety.

People search.

Do you struggle to find a missing relative or your family member? Cooperating private detectives may be able to help you by collecting information on disappearance and location of this person. The searches can be performed in Lithuania as well as in the whole world, due to the vast net of foreign partners.

The integrity of hired worker

It is possible that nanny or housekeeper turns out to be a fraud. Why should you puzzle yourself trying to find out if there is a reason to have a doubt in your worker‘s integrity, if you can delegate this responsibility to our cooperating private detectives. There can be carried out an indirect monitoring of such person. Provided with reliable evidence on the integrity of the person you hired, you could certainly say goodbye to him.


Is parental or protective concern does not let you sleep at night? Or do you suspect your underaged child to have a secret from you? Maybe you just want to know what kind of environment he or she is spending the time in? Our cooperating private detectives can get and deliver the information on your underaged child, foster kid or legal ward behaviour or other aspects of their life, on your request.


Are you suspicious of your family member using drugs, yet not confident enough to confront them? We professionally carry out spray test to detect and identify drugs (without any personal contact), therefore to assist you in this difficult situation.


Drug tests

For a limited time only – we are offering drug tests for a special price.

Reliability of your spouse

Marriage is a serious decision. Once you take it – you share not only joy and love with another person, but your property, liabilities and debts too. You have a right to know if your future spouse is reliable. Moreover, if you are on a verge of divorce, our cooperating private detectives can help you to gather evidence and to prove your spouse‘s marital infidelity or fault of other kind.

When law is helpless

Most people who suffered from victimization do not seek law enforcement help. At an average 60 % of those people do not contact the police because they believe that it is helpless. Victims who contacted the police, judge police work as executed badly. If you suffered from victimisation our cooperating private detectives with their many years of experience in the field of law enforcement can be a serious asset to your case, by collecting evidence and information important in your case.

Information gathering

Usually if party wants to win the case, together with lawyer it is responsible for gathering all the information in favour. It is typical of civil cases as well as labour and administrative disputes. Our cooperating private detectives can help you to influence positive outcome of the case by cooperating with your lawyer and collecting relevant data.

Protect yourself from a fraud

Sometimes advertisement with a generous offer by employment agency or other company can cost you a small fortune – you are under risk of being deceived. Let our cooperating private detectives help you by checking reliability of the company, person or agency you are planning to have business with, so you know if it is worth and safe.


Since we and our cooperating private detectives are experts in the field we offer our consultations and recommendations on the topic of private detective work.

Electromagnetic field blocking cases

Moreover, we encourage you to purchase our special electromagnetic field blocking cases for mobile telephones, which are designed to protect human body from hazardous mobile phone effects as well as to prevent information leakage from your telephone. Please find more information on that at

Inspection of premises

Protect your privacy. There might be a breach of privacy in your personal premises or vehicles – it is possible that gadgets for listening are planted there by a harmful person. Invoking technology developed for this purpose as well as special skills, our cooperating private detectives are able to check your premises and vehicles for hidden gadgets used for listening and spying on you. We offer to use our calculator to approximate the costs of this service. More

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