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The first in Lithuania legally operating private detectives!

My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know.
Sherlock Holmes

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Vilnius group of private detectives „RIMANAS IR PARTNERIAI”:

Detective Olegas Rimanas,  qualified, official identification nr. L-1-0000001, issued 02-03-2016
Detective Romualdas Zaleckis, qualified, official identification nr. L-1-0000002, issued 02-03-2016
Detective Viktoras Veršila, qualified, official identification nr. L-1-0000003, issued 02-03-2016
Detective Rolandas Kudijanovas, qualified, official identification nr. L-1-0000013, issued 31-08-2016
Detective Marius Neverauskas, qualified, official identification nr. L-1-0000017, issued 27-01-2020
Certificates issued by the Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

About us

On 16th of April 2015 was adopted the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the private detective activity which entered into force on January the 1st 2016. Before that for 9 years straight our company has been providing similar services helping people or entities in difficult circumstances to realize their rights and legitimate interests in Vilnius and other cities of Lithuania and abroad.

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